Founded In 1993

Indigenous Creations was established on the foundations of connecting and supporting remote indigenous people of Australia.

The Founding director, Curator & Adventurer, at times seeing him self as an anthropologist, has spent most of his life living, studying and financially sponsoring Australian Aboriginal Communities. Traveling vast distances into the remote Aboriginal communities through some of the world’s most rugged terrain, at a time when there were no digital cameras, mobile phones or computers.

Captivated by the oldest living culture in the world, and being of a minority indigenous descendant my self, with Turkish Cypriot (Cyprus), Mem Tjampitjinpa Aziz connected with the Warlpiri aboriginal people of Central Australia instantaneously in 1994.

Photo above: People from 3 western desert communities (Central Australia), Location: Kintore (Language : Pintupi/Luritja) , Location: Pupunya (Language : Luritja/Warlpiri) and Location: Yuendumu (Language : Warlpiri/ Arrernte). Languages and dialects are closely related just like the Olympic Rings and cross over into other clans.

I was captivated by these beautiful people and the warm hospitality given to me the moment I arrived and stepping foot into the communities.  
Personally I had always known about the history of discrimination against aboriginal people. I felt the same way as an olive skinned, dark curly haired child growing up in the suburbs of the second largest city of Australia. 
Even though I was born in Melbourne, I was never made to feel Australian or at home.

My connection with the indigenous people of Australia is much deeper. The people share a significant history that relates to all of us living on this beautiful blue planet. 
Caught in an ancient time zone, Australia has, to some degree, been isolated from the rest of the world. Learning and sharing this incredible culture through work shops & art is in fact,  not just art!

Today we use computers in order to type words, prior to this we used ink for writing on paper. Just like the english spoken language, the entire world and its multiple language groups created modern methods of translated characters, which formed words. The chinese use characters “calligraphies” and the ancient Egyptians used ancient symbols.

Just imagine  60,000 years before the Egyptian pyramids had been built ,  Australian Aboriginals existed where we live today.

Above Painted By Mary Dixon Nungarrayi (warlpiri), Titled: “Body Paint Ceremony” was traditional painted on men’s upper body and women’s breasts, in preparation for  their ceremonies.

Aboriginal Art is in fact “The Ancient Writings On The Wall” (Caves, Rock Walls, Tree Bark….), “The Song Lines “(ceremony), “The Body Paint” and the “Ground mosaic’s”
The Art as we know it is significant telling us about the history that has been handed down from generation to generation. Just like the modern bible, Australian Aboriginal art is all to do with ancestral story telling.

Built on decades of close bonding and financially supporting remote indigenous communities, my trust from the Aboriginal people has been unmeasurable. For many years I have owned the copyrights for this amazing art but refused to pursue any form of reproduction that would take away job and economic opportunities from indigenous people. I have chosen to produce these amazing screens because they continue to promote the art with economical benefits without taking jobs away from the indigenous people of Australia,  All art works and stories are custodian to the artist and his or her clan, copyrights are given exclusively to Indigenous Creations and Mr Mem and may not be used or transferred without the written consent of Mem Tjampitjinpa Aziz and Indigenous Creations.
Thank you for your support and understanding.